Systems Analysis


ASAP (Advanced Systems Analysis  v.7.5 beta

ASAP® is powered by the ASAP non-sequential ray-tracing engine - known throughout the optics industry for its accuracy and efficiency. Rays can encounter surfaces in any order and any number of times, with automatic ray splitting.

ERACS  v.3 9

ERACS is ERA Technology's suite of power systems analysis software.


TexTools  v.3 3

TexTools has the next features:Calculation of ODF, PF, inverse PF for all seven crystal systems,Analysis of sharp textures,Glazing angle thin film texture analysis,Calculation of volume fraction of ideal orientations and fiber texture components,ODF

Equity Rider Standard Edition  v.2.0

EquityRider is an advanced stock charting and trading systems analysis software for many markets: stocks, forex, and futures. It allows you to create custom indicators, derive indicators based on standard ones,

Inza Performance Software  v.1 8

Inza Performance Software module deals with the problem of using wattmeters in cycling and represents a scientific - analytical software tool for the analysis of wattmeter and pulsemeter data.

ReliaSoft RGA  v.

ReliaSoft's RGA is a powerful software tool that allows you to apply reliability growth models to analyze data from both developmental testing and fielded repairable systems.


FlowMap Software has been designed to provide individuals with easy access to the power of rich graphics - both on and off the web.

Leap SE  v.

Leap SE is an advanced requirements engineering CASE tool that produces object-oriented models directly from a system requirements repository or specification (SRS).

ORM Studio Community Edition  v.1.5

ORM Studio provides Object-Role Modeling at its finest. Analyse and Design Relational and Graph Databases using ORM. This Community Edition of ORM Studio provides supports import and export of Fact-Based Models in their native .fbm format.

Planetcode  v.1 2

- Predictive data is comprised from timeless Vedic classics as well as modern astrological literature. - Astrologers can pickup relevant data related to persons age and other conditions examined.

Clinic Master  v.1.0

ClinicMaster is an integrated new generation healthcare information management and medical billing software. It automates patients' transactions in the clinic on a visit basis and daily procedures.

Time Clock  v.4.0

Because keeping track of the time one spends working on individual tasks is often a tedious and time consuming job in and of itself, a tool that minimizes the time spent tracking time can be very valuable.

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